Managing Director’s Speech (2017)

2016 was a difficult year. Nigeria suffered two economic woes, as follows:

  1. Drastic drop in the global crude oil
  2. Slash in the nation’s crude oil production caused by the activities of the Niger delta avengers.

Consequently, the nation suffered a terrible economic recession from which it has not fully recovered. Like most other Nigerian businesses, Hodge Auto Centre also suffered from this situation.

The woes of 2016 is one that everyone hopes to never experience again. While we recorded impressive income from serviced rendered to individuals, our corporate clients were unable to pay their bills and a staggering build-up of unpaid debts caused severe financial constraints. Our corporate clients represent 60% of our revenue, yet were forced to abandon n0n-paying projects and to re-examine our relationships with existing clients.

We lost several clients who were unwilling to adapt to our new terms of business: NO CREDIT. But this new modus-operandi was important for continued survival of our business.

For 2017, we put systems in place to ensure that we never have a repeat of the woes of the previous year. This ultimately paid off with regards to stability in revenue, but the effects of 2016 were felt this year as 2017 began with a bang.

We lost three of our most valued people for various reasons; mostly due to misunderstandings.

We are glad however, that all our good people are back and that both parties; management and aggrieved entities have learnt valuable lessons from the experience.

Hodge Auto Centre is nothing without its best people. We will find ways to appreciate our people to reward employees who embody all the indices of success and growth in company.

In Hodge Auto Centre we value and extol the following characteristics:

  1. Competence and hard work
  2. Loyalty
  3. Transcendental knowledge
  4. Integrity
  5. Emotional intelligence

We will always reward these qualities.

I want to personally assure everyone that their labours do not go unnoticed; no matter how seemingly insignificant their department.

We appreciate those who sacrificed without being asked.

We appreciate those who go against the grain to stand with the company against the whims of their colleagues.

We approach 2018bwith confidence; confidence in the strength of our people. Confidence in the resolve of management to continue to expand our business. Confidence in the fact that we are better today, than we were last year and certainly, better today than we were when we began this journey in 2011.

We will continue to grow in strength and clarity of purpose.

We will continue to rise to the expectations of all our clients and to the aspirations of our people.

We are and will always be a people united in the single purpose of being the best at what we do.

This was the best year of Hodge Auto Centre since its inception.

This was made possible by our collective effort.

Thank you!!!

Engr. K. Rhamsis
President and founder