Management Team

Hodge Auto Centre fields a unique blend of a highly motivated team of young professionals with relevant business, technology and enterprise experience. Our team includes individuals from diverse backgrounds with a confirmed passion to excel at making your use of your automobile as safe and pleasurable as the manufacturer intended.
Our people bring together decades of training, accompanied by a real passion for quality service delivery.

Engr. K. Rhamsis – Director

Rhamsis is a seasoned business manager who has served in various positions in the oil and gas and construction industries. He is a dedicated professional and brings with him a wealth of experience to the organization with his vast exposure to technology driven organizational alignment and a passion for automobiles.

Dr. B Emeasoba – Director

Dr. B Emeasoba is a medical doctor and an entrepreneur with 32 years’ experience in business process management.

Dr. C. Umeh – Director

Dr. C Umeh holds a doctorate in aerospace engineering. He has over 15 year’s work experience in General Electric, USA and he holds multiple doctorate degrees

Ayoub Akl – Chief Technician

Ayoub Akl is an automechanic who has 21 years industry experience. Nine of these years were spent managing the service centres for the following dealerships in Beirut: Mercedes Benz, Toyota,  Range Rover and Volkswagen. He is the chief technician at Hodge Auto Centre.