The MD’s Speech at the 2015 End of Year Party (23rd november, 2015)

2015 was a difficult year for all Nigerians. This was especially so for large and medium-sized enterprises.

2015 is the year that the steep drop in oil price drastically affected the spending power of the Nigerian people and government.

2015 is the year power was wrestled from the PDP system and the extent of their treachery was exposed. The PDP system had for 6 years milked the nation of its resources.

As a people, we managed to survive all the difficulties of the year. We not only survived but continued to work tirelessly for the objectives we share-the objectives that brought us together: The establishment of a world class organization that will put food on our table and leave a legacy we can be proud of.

In all our actions in the present and future, we must not forget these objectives. We must ensure that our thoughts and actions are defined by these objectives, as only then would we continue to thrive in a very competitive industry.

Ours is an intense work environment, where even the best are kept on their toes in our pursuit for excellence.

Every single member of the HAC team is exceptional in the sense that year by year, they rise up to the continuously evolving parameters of the performance requirements.

Every member of HAC must bring with him or her unique skills set, without which our human capital requirement will be incomplete. Added to this is the fact that each member of the team is:

  • Hardworking
  • Honest
  • Disciplined and amenable to discipline
  • Willing and able to continue to grow in Knowledge and understanding of the business
  • Emotionally Intelligent

2016 is coming and with it comes amazing opportunities and all round growth.

We approach 2016 with zest and have no doubt that all members of the team will benefit from all the successful exploits of the year.

Keep believing in the company’s ability to lend to the advancement of your ambitions.

There is no “Big Man” in HAC. We thank those who through numerous sacrifices have helped consolidate this and all others lofty ideals that make the company great.

Several of the people we were employed with or worked with in the past two or three years are no longer with us. In summary, they were not a part of us, while we wish them luck in their various sojourns; we identify the fact that they did not have the skill set or attitude or loyalty we need.

While we do not regret losing any of those who are currently separated from us, we will do everything in our power not to loose any of our good people.

Several people will be promoted today. The promotion is our way of thanking them for their HARDWORK, SACRIFICE, DISCIPLINE and LOYALTY.

We thank everybody generally and ask that we remain non rivalry in what we can achieve.

We ask that everyone continue to find ways through which we shall continue to exceed the expectations of our clients and to grow our business.

  • For every single day you woke up and came to work, we thank you.
  • For every single day you steered away from the temptations to dishonesty, we thank you.
  • For every single idea you brought for growth, we thank you
  • For every single time, you held your rage and disgruntlement for the sake of the company, we thank you.
  • Be rest assured that your investment of Love, commitment and patience will pay off


Managing Director